3 ideas to impact your customers with a differentiating Valentine’s message

The definition and implementation of a content strategy that converts is one of the big trends and, at the same time, one of the biggest difficulties for companies. Themed or festive days like Valentine’s or Halloween are opportunities to nurture and garner leads. Discover some of the strategies you can use to impact your customers with a differentiating message on this Valentine’s Day.

E-mail Marketing 91% of users expect to receive emails from companies with which they establish a transactional relationship. Email marketing, especially when applied segmentation and automation strategies, remains a powerful and vital tool. On this Valentine’s Day try to apply some techniques:

  • Customize the messages – at times like Valentine’s Day, people expect and appreciate a more personalized style. Show your gratitude and admiration by using their names. If your contact list is small, take the opportunity to create discounts and personal offers.
  • Take advantage of the time to do A/B tests – in these times, people are more permeable to differentiating messages, especially when they contain special and/or exclusive offers. Take the time to test, evaluate and refine your contact lists, segmenting them by interests.
  • Demonstre a sua criatividade com Assuntos magnéticos – deixamos aqui três exemplos inspiradores:
    – É amor ?
    – Melhor que Rosas: 30% de desconto
    – 5 presentes perfeitos de São Valentim para ela/ele
Differentiating Valentine's Day Messages

Hobbies on social media Times like Valentine’s Day are particularly interesting to generate interaction on social media. Try creating a hobby. Don’t forget that hobbies should provide motivation. Give your customers an advantage they value: an online store discount, access to a limited edition, access to an event and/or exclusive content. Encourage them to share content through a binding hashtag. Use this content to feed your social networks and take the opportunity to show your appreciation to everyone who actively contributes.

Create a Limited Edition The FOMO (fear of missing out) and the feeling of scarcity and/or urgency are two very powerful triggers in digital marketing. Try using them to your advantage. Create a limited edition Valentine’s Day and secure a sales funnel centered on the message of time scarcity. If you work with influencers, perfect! Take the opportunity to expand the reach of the message and make Valentine’s Day one of the greatest sales moments of your year 2020.

This Valentine’s Day, let your imagination run wild. Don’t be afraid to arm yourself with Cupid. Your customers will appreciate the bold style and, most likely, your competitors will have one more reason to admire you. And don’t forget: use the festive days of the year to your advantage, reinforcing your content strategy and generating more reasons for relating and sharing with your customers.

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