6 Ignored SEO Tactics That Can Boost Your Google Ranking

A good ranking on Google rankings is the ambition of any digital marketer or business strategist. Just as it can guarantee business success, when improperly considered, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can result in unimaginable downturns. The number of daily Google searches is over 4 billion and the most up-to-date statistics in digital marketing show that only 7% of users will click on the third page of search results. Paid ads don’t do it either, as 80% of search engine users simply ignore that part of the page. Now, since there is so much at stake in the fight for the best places in the survey, the competition is naturally strong. For that reason, 72% of marketers agree that, at present, relevance is the crucial factor for great SEO. In this logic of reasoning, content marketing is already one of the main priorities of the business, right after building strong brands and engaging in social networks. So let’s look at some of the tactics you can start working on today to optimize your SEO strategy.

Bet on the credibility of your link building strategy

We know that a link building strategy is one of the most valued SEO variables by Google. But, as with everything, quantity does not mean quality. More backlinks do not always result in higher rankings, especially when they are not credible.
Google’s assessment always rests on the authority of the site that links to your domain. If the sites in your link building strategy don’t have a reputation or are considered spam by Google, it may be not boosting but negatively affecting your ranking. Betting on relevance and creating quality content is one of the main rules in SEO.

Create relevant content

Knowing how to identify high performance content in your market segment and develop it, in a relevant way, in your digital channels, is one of the best SEO tactics. Relevant content is all that your buyer personas will tend to value, follow, and share. Tools like SEMrush or Buzzsumo can help you identify which content, in your area of ​​expertise, tends to generate more interaction and sharing. A/B testing and influencer insights are also techniques to help you create higher quality content and relevance.

Optimize your landing pages

One of the metrics Google uses most to assess quality is bounce rate. How quickly do people leave your site after clicking it in the search results? The moment, after clicking your site on the search results page, users discover that the content is not relevant to them, they will quickly leave. Google records these events and, if this happens more often, deletes your position for the respective search term. Your landing pages must be structured in order to respond, in an organized, user friendly and intuitive way, to the needs, curiosity and/or research motivation of users and, in particular, their buyer personas. Work the meta tags of your landing pages according to the stage in which your users are in the purchase journey. Clearly determine your goals and always keep your promise.

Use Infographics

People love infographics and they are, in fact, extremely effective in an SEO strategy. Consider that 65% of people are visual and understand better through images. Images are also easier to remember.

Create more videos

Yes it’s true. Video content is 50 times more likely to generate organic search results than plain text.
According to Omnicore, monthly active YouTube users exceed 1.5 billion. Cisco predicts that videos will represent 80% of all online traffic by 2021, and while there are more videos than ever, 85% of people reaffirm that they would like to see more videos from brands in 2019.
Google has even incorporated videos into the results page, and since it also owns YouTube, we can only hope that the video results will grow. Videos were always important, but now they are absolutely essential.

Optimize for voice search

Hey Google, it will be the voice of the future of search. It’s not a utopia, it’s already happening. Voice search is the big digital trend right now and it’s estimated that currently 35.8% of millennials use voice-enabled digital assistants at least once a month. In particular for e-commerce in general and for local businesses in particular, this is a powerful SEO tool that can, in 2020, make a difference and position you at the forefront of digital trends.
In conclusion, the SEO game is tough; there are very few winners and a pile of losers. Many people continue to avoid SEO out of ignorance or because they consider it too technical. But actually content, or organic SEO, is about 5.66 times better than paid search ads.

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