Adobe Flash the announced end

What is Adobe Flash?

O Adobe Flash é um software para desenvolver animações e websites de uma forma interativa.
O seu website está desenvolvido em Flash? Se não sabe verifique aqui.

First, a little bit of history…

Adobe Flash was initially developed by Macromedia, but is now part of Adobe software. In the late 90s and early 2000s, this was one of the most used tools for website development. At the time, it was one of the most loved tools, but that “love” eventually faded into one of the most “hated” tools for website development.

Graph showing the decrease in the use of flash on websites

Why is Adobe Flash disappearing?

  • One of the main reasons was the incompatibility with mobile devices. Steve Jobs argued that Adobe Flash was left behind for being a tool only from the time of PCs, and for not having given due importance to mobile devices, making it compatible with the future.
  • It is not an open technology, meaning its code is not available.
  • Adobe Flash is considered to be one of the most vulnerable web platforms. That is, it is extremely susceptible to attacks by hackers.
  • One of the other big problems with Flash is SEO (if you still don’t know what SEO is read this article).
  • Adobe Flash is bad for SEO because the website content is not read by search engines, so they don’t know what the website is about. Imagine walking through a room you don’t know in the dark.

And when is the end announced?

Some of the major browsers – Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge – announce that they will support this technology until the end of 2020. After that date, it is expected that it will no longer be able to view websites in Flash.

But, keep in mind that today Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox already block Flash websites, requiring an authorization for the user to view the website.

Print screen of flashes blocked in google chrome
Print screen of flashes blocked in firefox

What should you do?

You should think quickly about updating your website to a newer technology, so that it can continue to exist in the virtual world and so that your webpage can be indexed by search engines.

A tip: opt for an open source CMS that is used by most of the internet.

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