Black Friday: how to make your newsletter more appealing.

Black Friday is just around the corner and BBD has a question to ask you: have you prepared your email marketing campaign? Black Friday is an excellent opportunity to increase sales (of products or services) but also to get rid of some accumulated stock. On the other hand, customers see Black Friday as an opportunity to buy something at a good discount. This is when email message boxes fill up with piles and piles of campaigns that promise the best deals. The competition is strong and by preparing your email campaign in advance you are ensuring that your message is thought out and planned, which exponentially increases the chances of success.

We now share 4 tips that will help you design a more appealing Black Friday newsletter:

1. Create a nice (and responsive) email template

There is a fine line that separates the essential from the excess. It doesn’t matter what message you are promoting if all around you is noise with a festival of typographic fonts, disorganized images or endless “call to action” (CTA) buttons that only distract and confuse customers. Stick to a columnar structure, find the perfect balance between images and text, something like 60/40, align the fonts and text size, define which buttons you’ll use and make sure they’re visible with a color and contrasting shape. Also make sure your template reads correctly on all devices. Don’t forget that most of the purchases made online take place on mobile phones and tablets.

2. Use content smartly

It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words, but as far as Black Friday campaigns are concerned, find a balanced way to marry text and image. What’s the point of a hyper minimal campaign if it doesn’t say something about what’s for sale?

3. Respect your brand identity

Be faithful to your brand identity and your visual universe. During the Black Friday period, email inboxes are flooded with campaigns, unmissable discounts and last minute offers. If your brand doesn’t have a voice it won’t stand out. As it is common for brands to use the same expressions and content with percentages and discounts, your brand’s visual identity will stand out and facilitate identification. By the way, don’t feel obligated to wear black. Make color the “new black”.

4. Be innovative

On Black Friday most people will only devote a few seconds to each email, so increase the degree of attractiveness using some innovative and unforgettable features such as: GIFs, videos, interactive carousels of images and purchases in the email itself.

Now that we’ve shared some tips on how to create a Black Friday campaign, it’s time to prepare yours. The key lies in planning ahead and being careful. This will allow you to stand out and sell your products or services successfully.

BBD supports you in creating this and other commercial campaigns that will help you maximize your sales. Find out how by contacting us.

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