Branding: 8 Essential Steps to Building Your Brand

When branding is well constructed and applied, it attracts consumers to the brand. Before starting to think about building a brand, there are some essential points that should be highlighted, such as values, content, design, among others. On the other hand, it is a job that must be permanent and focused on strategic actions, with the objective of maintaining the company’s image always in a prominent place in the consumer’s mind. With this article, BBD helps you understand some issues that may be worrying you.

Keep in mind some branding actions associated with the brand’s visual identity:

Colors: Colors are one of the most powerful tools in brand identity development. They highlight it, allow it to transmit sensations and create positive associations with the public;

Logo: graphic element that represents the brand and establishes immediate recognition;

Design:   Images and design can deepen a bond that a (potential) customer has with your brand. It’s the design that will build the entire aesthetic of your brand;

Recognize the importance of brand positioning:

Values:   it is essential to convey the values ​​of your brand. First because you need to maintain a position and second you will attract like-minded customers, values ​​attract values. At that point you will already be defining who your target audience is, to whom you are communicating;

Tone of voice: defines how the brand should address its persona, whether more formal or relaxed;

Language: establishes and adopts words and expressions whose objective is to increase the public’s sense of identification, such as the example of some brands like Nike: when we hear “Just do it” we immediately associate it with the brand;

Channels: recognizes and prioritizes the communication channels that best represent the brand’s personality;

Content: just like the channels, the choice of message transmitted in them must meet the values ​​and personality of the brand;

With these tips, we hope you can understand how to start building your brand. Above all, show the brand’s personality with emotion, it is a way to create a connection with the target audience and conquer them.

You can always count on our help with Brand By Difference throughout all these steps, right up to the creation of your brand.

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