With more than 35 years of leadership in the facility management sector ARCHIBUS aims to convey an image of modernity. The website created by bbd is distinguished by a structured organization of different services and products that are ARCHIBUS core business. The project presents a contemporary graphic language that underlines the company’s culture.

Archibus Branding
Archibus Branding
Archibus Branding
Archibus Branding
Archibus Branding


bbd created for ARCHIBUS an institutional website that reflects the greatness of the company in the segment where it operates. In addition to the services and products’ presentation, the website includes a community that brings together the events area, the user groups and ARCHIBUS blog. The website also includes a file management system and other features that respond to the customer needs. The official website of the ARCHIBUSNEXUS International Conference includes a system of ticket sales, file management and Q&A.

Archibus Mockup Web design


To develop an operational and tactical plan that was able to respond to the strategic goals of ARCHIBUS, bbd aligned itself with the project’ sponsors and made a series of analyzes, in which the following topics were discussed:

  1. Brand awareness through the communication channels;
  2. User flow through Google Analytics and over interface study;
  3. User behaviors with tools like Google Analytics and Hotjar;
  4. A flow of navigation on the website pages that classifies the number of visits and rejection – here, bbd deepened the interpretation and presented the first conclusions’ PROJECT;
  5. Importance of content based on navigation maps and user navigation videos to gather information to support the decision of what may or may not be important at a content level, and the reorganization of the user’s path throughout the website.