FRESH Orgânicos wanted to create a dynamic online platform with the most up-to-date online trading tools with the goal of bringing the best organic products to the whole of Brazil. bbd has created a project that fully meets the customer needs from a development point of view. The main back office tasks and functionalities were: the development of a subscription system for weekly product delivery, the automatic generation of deliveries based on the last purchase, the generation of subscriptions and deliveries reports, the integration with moip payment method (now wirecard), the possibility of orders’ cancellation and the restoring deliveries’ numbers available, as well as the products to be delivered, the creation of widgets in the administration panel with information on the ordering system (new orders, etc.) or the client customization profile with information regarding the subscription’s level and the number of available deliveries.
In the front office the main challenges were: the custom-made private area with the subscription’s information, the temporary suspension feature in the costumer personal area, the payment option for products extra subscription, warnings and information regarding the status of the subscription in the shopping cart, the limitation of deliveries included in the subscription based on the location and type of products in the cart, or the choice of the day for delivery at checkout.
The order system has been developed and adapted to meet the customer’s business goals.