Partners in the organizations’ digital innovation, imDigital is a young company but with a deep knowledge in the area of ​​consulting and marketing processes and sales. The company challenged bbd to redesign its visual identity to translate some of its core values: agility, automation and innovation. The choice of forms and colors represent the consistency and commitment in relationships that are distinctive in imDigital’s activity. bbd was also in charge of the visual direction of the brand’s new website.


Based on a WordPress platform, imDigital’s website has been customized and redesigned to keep pace with all aspects of the brand’s new graphic identity. Intuitive displays, hierarchical information, and forms for more branded communication are some of the aspects highlighted in the new webpage. The imDigital website was developed to adapt responsibly and harmoniously to all fixed and mobile platforms.


bbd undertook the review of the written content of imDigital’s web platform following all keyword guidelines and brand optimized coordinates in terms of SEO.