One of the major challenges for bbd in developing LOOF website was to represent every essential aspect of a community that connects people, opportunities and internships, aligned with the challenges of the Facility Management industry. The website included the creation of a profile area for different users, an opportunity sector, blog and a reserved area for project ambassadors. The LOOF website also included ads, discussion forums and an e-learning platform.


Modern and captivating, all LOOF visual communication was in line with the characteristics of the platform’s user audience. bbd was responsible for creating the logo and defining the identity and graphic strategy of the project.


Due to the global communication characteristics of the brand and part of LOOF’s branding strategy, bbd has developed a crucial editorial communication: an institutional brochure in English that addresses the broad structural lines of the project. bbd was responsible for creating the written content, the visual direction and pagination. In the same context, bbd has created a video (available on the website) that contains relevant information about the platform that supports the Facility Management industry worldwide.