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What is SEO?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the set of techniques that aim to enhance and improve the positioning of a website on search engine result pages, thus increasing its amount of organic traffic. SEO is one of the main digital marketing strategies and achieving a good position in search engines is the desire of any digital […]

Keywords: How they position you on the 1st page of Google

Keywords are the words, phrases or expressions used to optimize and rank the content of a website. They are essentially the terms that users provide to search engines when searching for certain information. The choice of keywords must be careful, as these will help in optimizing the page content for the searches used by […]

Google’s Algorithm Updates for 2021

Google’s new algorithm, will assess user experience in detail. Google claims that updates to its algorithm for 2021 will contribute to web business success. This update involves the insertion of vital signs of websites in the criteria to be evaluated by the algorithm. Let’s find out what they are? In recent years, the Google team […]

Difference between Logo, Visual Identity and Brand

There is a general perception that “logo design”, Visual Identity and “BRAND” are the same thing, however, although they are closely related, they are very different processed.

Adaptar Program – Benefit from up to 80% support in the development of your website.

Decree-Law No. 20-G/2020, published on May 14, establishes a system of incentives to adapt business activity to the context of the COVID-19 disease.

What tactics should your website use to sell?

Being present in the digital world is essential to survive in a highly competitive market! Gradually people start to realize the benefits of buying products on the internet: mainly due to the comfort and price of the products. It is important to create a strategy to optimize the sales and purchase process so that the […]

The Advantages of E-commerce for the Consumer

E-commerce is growing and the trend is for it to continue to increase. Today, online commerce allows you to be present in the lives of consumers regardless of their location, whether on social networks, email or google. But why do consumers like E-commerce? According to a survey conducted by Global Online Consumer Report, the three main […]

Advantages of E-commerce for your business.

E-commerce, or e-commerce, refers to the purchase and sale of goods and/or services over the internet. Thus, all business transactions are carried out by online tools. Online commerce has been growing at a very fast pace, companies are aware of the change in consumer behavior and are taking advantage of these changes for their business. […]

Why is a website important for your business?

Currently, the internet exerts a great influence on people’s daily lives. Therefore, being invisible online implies loss of sales or company recognition. Consumers are constantly looking for information online to help them decide on the purchase between brands, products and services.   According to the E-Commerce Foundation, 88% of consumers look for product information online […]

Telecommuting: Discover how to work from home in challenging times!

Some tips for working from home Currently, there are already some professionals, whose activity is carried out daily from home. For those who have never done it, it is natural that there will be an adaptation period. For some members of our team, this situation is nothing new, so we leave you some tips here. […]

Branding: 8 Essential Steps to Building Your Brand

When branding is well constructed and applied, it attracts consumers to the brand. Before starting to think about building a brand, there are some essential points that should be highlighted, such as values, content, design, among others. On the other hand, it is a job that must be permanent and focused on strategic actions, with […]

Branding: understand the concept that helps you manage your brand.

What is Branding? According to designer Walter Landor, a good brand should strive to create an emotional connection with its customers, as, in his words, “the products are made in the factory, but the brands are created in the mind of each consumer”. Brand By Difference helps you clarify the concept and understand how you […]

Video: How to use it to transform your digital presence.

Incorporating video into your digital marketing strategies is no longer optional. 70% of users admit to having shared a video of a brand and 52% categorically say that watching demo videos or product tutorials makes them more confident in their online purchase decisions. So the question is: what are you or how are you integrating […]

3 ideas to impact your customers with a differentiating Valentine’s message

Themed or festive days like Valentine's Day or Halloween are opportunities to nurture and garner leads.

Conversational Marketing and 4 other trends that will shape Digital in 2020

Discover, with Brand By Difference, some of the big trends that will shape the digital marketing area.

In 2020 seduction marketing dethrones performance marketing.

When we analyze the brands that are making a real difference in their customers' ability to engage, we realize how much reflection takes us to the topic of seduction.

Is your website vulnerable? Find out how to solve this Problem.

A website requires constant, dedicated monitoring that is both proactive and defensive when it comes to resolving vulnerabilities.

How to create infographics that communicate with your audiences.

We are visual beings. Most of us process information based on what we see. According to the Global Social Science Research Network, 65% of all human beings are visual learners. The vast majority of people enjoy sharing ideas, especially when there’s a video, photo or drawing to go with it. For this reason, infographics have […]

6 Ignored SEO Tactics That Can Boost Your Google Ranking

A good ranking on Google rankings is the ambition of any digital marketer or business strategist.

Black Friday: how to make your newsletter more appealing.

Black Friday is just around the corner and BBD has a question to ask you: have you prepared your email marketing campaign?

I want to create a website. How much should I expect it to cost?

Creating a definitive guide to the costs involved in conceptualizing, designing and creating a website can be an laborious and even thankless task. However, it is an extremely useful tool and it helps to level expectations. In this article we will list all the essential aspects for building a structured, relevant and effective website. […]

Unique Selling Proposition, your 1st priority in Marketing

The Unique Selling Proposition is a vital rule of Strategic Marketing to reinforce brand credibility and awareness.

How to do Digital Marketing?

As we have already mentioned, Digital Marketing is an indispensable practice to leverage any internet business. Regardless of the size of your business, to make it successful, you will find that you need marketing help. Ultimately, Digital Marketing serves to increase the flow of sales by companies as well as the number of new customers. […]

What is Digital Marketing for?

Basically, Digital Marketing promotes services or products in digital media, through direct and personalized communication.

Adobe Flash the announced end

What is Adobe Flash? O Adobe Flash é um software para desenvolver animações e websites de uma forma interativa.O seu website está desenvolvido em Flash? Se não sabe verifique aqui. First, a little bit of history… Adobe Flash was initially developed by Macromedia, but is now part of Adobe software. In the late 90s and […]


HTTP = Hypertext Transfer Protocol When we access a web page, in order for it to be displayed in our browser, communication takes place between the client – ​​our computer/smartphone/tablet – and the server, where the web page we want to visit is stored. This communication is done through HTTP requests and responses. In short, […]

What is Digital Marketing?

In a very simple way, Digital Marketing is nothing more than an adaptation of the principles of Marketing to online.

Website Creation & Digital Marketing – Buyer Personas your ideal customer

Why is it that when creating a website for your company it is important to describe the ideal customer as what digital marketing calls buyer personas?

Website creation, 3 tips to sell more with institutional websites

How are the websites of most companies with B2B businesses? How should they be optimized for sale? These are some questions that we are going to answer you in this article.


Case studies of how McGraw-Hill and Nike have optimized their business with the continued connection. A synchronized connection of the major areas of web design, branding and communication In addition to all the investment that brands make in web design, branding, and digital communication, their managers take advantage of the digital connection and implement business […]

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