Is your website vulnerable? Find out how to solve this Problem.

For many companies, it is only when there is a security breach that it becomes essential to verify that the website is secure and following best practices. It’s a popular custom to say “house broken into, lock the doors”, but when it comes to web security, at BBD we are judicious and say “prevention is better than cure”. The public web space requires constant, dedicated monitoring that is both proactive and defensive.

Because technology is ever-changing, today’s key vulnerabilities are slightly different from those identified a few years ago. Either way, the best way to fight them is to keep your website under regular evaluation and maintenance so that the network infrastructure and servers are protected and the programming team prevents any intrusions. These attacks result from unauthorized access to files and databases or other situations of clear violation.

Therefore, here are 3 of the most common vulnerabilities on websites:

SQL Injection

This action causes third parties to access a website’s database to consult, change or delete content, and also to insert malicious code. This is one of the oldest, most common and most dangerous forms of cyber attacks and today, as there are automated programs performing SQL injections, there are more attacks than ever before.

Sensitive Data Exposure

Information is power and if we are talking about sensitive data such as personal information or, even worse, credit card number exposure, we are facing a great vulnerability. Lack of encryption for traffic of this type of information leads to identity theft, fraud and other serious crimes.

Outdated WordPress

If your website, built on a WordPress platform, is running on an outdated version it is more likely to be affected by a security hole. With more or less ingenuity, hackers find their way to the “heart” of the system and attack websites that still use outdated versions.

According to an official WordPress stat, over 40% of users are still using various older versions of the platform.

For all these reasons, we recommend responsible supervision in the development and maintenance of your website. You can proactively anticipate these and many other vulnerabilities that severely harm your business and the people associated with them. Learn with BBD how to resolve your website vulnerability.  Contact us!

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