Keywords: How they position you on the 1st page of Google

Keywords are the words, phrases or expressions used to optimize and rank the content of a website. They are essentially the terms that users provide to search engines when searching for certain information. The choice of keywords must be careful, as these will help in optimizing the page content for the searches used by the audience, so it is important to establish the type of keywords intended to rank the site.

Long tail keywords

Keywords can be simple, with just 1 or 2 words, or more complete – Long tail keywords. The difference between them is in the number of words contained in your search, that is, its dimension, such as the number of pages that Google displays in its results for a given search.

Simple keywords are generic and more competitive, while long tail keywords are more specific and less competitive, which facilitates the ranking of the site and makes it easier for you to stand out. The former, despite being in greater demand, are less likely to rank at the top of search results. On the contrary, long tail keywords usually have a lower search volume, which makes them more likely to more specifically satisfy the user’s search desires, as well as facilitating the positioning of any page more quickly .

Another important factor, which must be taken into consideration, is the handling of the use of the chosen keywords to appear in the content of a page, since their intemperate use can generate undesired consequences.

Keyword Stuffing

The excessive use of keywords is identified as an attempt to manipulate search engines, with the objective of placing a certain web page at the top of search results. This practice can be detected by spam filters contained in the search engines’ algorithm, penalizing the site’s positioning or even leading to its expulsion. In conclusion, one way to avoid this error is to use synonyms, related keywords or combinations of word forms.

Excessive use of keywords

Following these guidelines is essential for the content covered on the site to match the search terms entered by the user in the search engine as well as ensuring that the site occupies a position at the top of the search results.
Keywords are the basis of the great SEO strategy, they are the main terms that determine what is the subject of a given webpage, so they must be carefully selected. For this it is necessary to devote a special focus to research work, in order to know the potential audience.

Keyword Research for SEO

Keywords are the keywords that give search engines relevant information, leading to the indexing of the pages of a website and that allow the same to be presented to users when they search for certain terms. As soon as users enter the terms they want to search in the search engine, in a matter of seconds, the entire structure of the web’s hyperlinks is analyzed using the algorithm, so that sites containing the searched keywords in their content are detected, that is, the most important pages for a given search. Once identified, these same sites are presented to users organically. Keyword research is the first step in the SEO copywriting process and an essential part of any SEO strategy. Before writing content for your website it is essential to identify the search terms used by potential customers, Internet users, this means getting into the minds of our customers, to find out which words are used when searching, such as their volume, relevance and level of competition or difficulty. The ideal, for those who are starting an SEO strategy, is to choose those that have low competition, that is, the so-called long tail keywords that, despite not having such a large search volume, are more specific and more extensive, which decreases your competition. Finally, it is essential to insert these terms into the website content according to the best practices of “on page seo”. In this way it will be possible to follow the common principle of all search engines: Provide the best and most reliable answers to user queries, in the shortest possible time.


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