Telecommuting: Discover how to work from home in challenging times!

Some tips for working from home

Currently, there are already some professionals, whose activity is carried out daily from home.

For those who have never done it, it is natural that there will be an adaptation period. For some members of our team, this situation is nothing new, so we leave you some tips here.

The morning routine

The workday routine should remain unchanged, wake up at the same time, and dress as if we were going out to the office.

This helps us to separate our perception of work from our perception of relaxation.

It may seem a little strange, but wearing sneakers instead of slippers makes all the difference!

Eliminate loneliness with proximity to digital channels and promote focus..

If you are leading and/or coordinating teams, eliminate moments of loneliness.

Have short meetings first thing in the morning.

How are you?

What do we have on hand to develop?

Taking stock of the situation during the day is a good example for keeping the team together and focused on productivity and ensuring a feeling of accomplishment at the end of the day.

Some channels available online that promote digital proximity are: slack, skype, and whatsapp,  for direct communication, or asana for project management and google drive and wetransfer for file transfer. All are good online tools to support telecommuting and all are free.

Currently, cisco webex is offering the use of its video conferencing platform for free.

Don’t limit yourself to email, promote proximity through other digital channels.

Establish a routine, even for your breaks.

Breaks for meals must be taken, the workplace must be separate from the place for meals, make yourself take breaks and stretch your body.

As we are in a moment of social isolation, try exercising at home, there are many websites and videos on Youtube that help us to keep in shape.

For yoga and qigong lovers my favorite is, with some free and not too long videos.

With the community getting organized, there are also some professional movements that support some initiatives to keep us active, such as PT – Paulo Teixeira, with online training on instagram – ptpauloteixeira -, every day from 19:30.

See you offline soon, now is the time to work online.

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