The Advantages of E-commerce for the Consumer

E-commerce is growing and the trend is for it to continue to increase. Today, online commerce allows you to be present in the lives of consumers regardless of their location, whether on social networks, email or google.

But why do consumers like E-commerce?

According to a survey conducted by Global Online Consumer Report, the three main advantages pointed out by consumers are:

  • Possibility of purchase at any time (convenience);
  • Price comparison;
  • Best prices;


For a consumer to use E-commerce, it is necessary for him to recognize its convenience and usefulness in relation to the benefits that he can acquire.

Thus, the consumer’s purchase decision-making can be influenced by the convenience factor, that is, by the speed and ease with which he can contact the stores or purchase what he wants.

More information and product variety

With E-commerce, the consumer has more options at various stores, finds detailed information about the product and makes the purchase in seconds.

At any time using a mobile phone, tablet, computer, consumers can have access to all information about a product, model, size, weight, dimensions, quality photos, informative videos, price and delivery time.


It is much more convenient and practical to purchase a product or service without leaving your home, 24 hours a day and anywhere. With E-commerce you avoid lines in traffic, or looking for parking.

Thus, the consumer knows that he can buy whatever he wants without having to give up his time.

More payment methods and better prices:

With a lower operating cost, e-commerce is able to reach the consumer at a lower final price, and he is able to find more promotions due to competitiveness, and find more variety of products.

On the other hand, the consumer has several forms of payment. You can pay with:

  • Credit card;
  • Debt
  • Pay-Pal;
  • Bank reference;

Look back at your business and see, would your target audience stand to gain from your online presence?

As you can see there are several advantages for consumers to find your E-commerce platform. Times are changing and consumer demands have been increasing, and the challenge is to keep up. You can always contact Brand By Difference if you need help building your platform.

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