Unique Selling Proposition, your 1st priority in Marketing

Your brand’s Unique Selling Proposition is a critical asset and should serve as the basic principle of your marketing messages. It conveys to consumers, employees and investors what the company offers in a unique way. If well built, it is a manifest of your differentiation in the market and the right tool to help the customer to solve their problems.

Four Evidence of the Power of the Unique Selling Proposition

When your brand’s unique value proposition is clear and defines exactly why it is in the market and how it improves, simplifies or transforms people’s lives, the creation of message and content becomes much simpler, focused and objective .

At the same time, the clarification of the purpose of your brand reinforces the organizational culture and team spirit, aligning employees with common goals. Productivity becomes a more realistic and tangible goal.

In addition, knowing exactly what makes your brand special, makes its existence viable in the market, ensures privileged ground for differentiation in relation to the competition, facilitating the decision and choice of the public.

Finally, a clear vision of the reason for its existence in the market materializes the business strategy more clearly and supports critical decisions such as the launch of new products, entry into new markets or the guideline in terms of support, partnerships and mergers.

Learn to clarify what makes your brand special

Be true to your essence – reclaim your brand’s history. The original motivation for entering the market. That which, in the beginning, based its existence and delimited a market differential compared to what the competition offered. Finding the right measure of your personality, of what motivated the birth of your brand, is essential to understand and communicate your value proposition.

Consider your customers’ opinions and feedback – the more and better you understand your audiences, the better you will understand what, from your point of view, are your brand’s strengths, weaknesses and opportunities. Continuously use market research as a source of better understanding of your audience and competition. And don’t forget that your customers are also inside the company.

Clearly define what your company doesn’t do –more important than knowing in depth what your company is particularly productive and efficient at, it’s absolutely vital to know the areas you don’t master. It is fundamental because of these that it must act, perfect, improve processes or externalize.

Maintain consistency – make sure that at no point in your value chain you deviate from the value proposition. The most successful companies are those that have a clear mission and vision and the ability to apply them consistently. Articulate your value proposition in a clear and precise paragraph, and apply it surgically to your employees, partners, customers and investors.

When market needs are perfectly in tune with a brand’s proposal, magic happens. Start aligning the elements that must be part of your value proposition today and remember that BBD can help.

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