Video: How to use it to transform your digital presence.

Incorporating video into your digital marketing strategies is no longer optional. 70% of users admit to having shared a video of a brand and 52% categorically say that watching demo videos or product tutorials makes them more confident in their online purchase decisions. So the question is: what are you or how are you integrating video into your digital marketing strategies and what can you do to leverage video in the service of your brand’s notoriety and reputation.

Video is by far the preferred tool for users to learn about a product or service. Learn now three tactics to, simply and almost immediately, incorporate this tool to your service.

Keep it Simple

One of the biggest impediments to regular video use is the fact that we think only highly professional video, with very high costs, will work. Recent studies show precisely the opposite: the more spontaneous, realistic, authentic and LIVE the video content, the greater the possibilities for engagement: comments and sharing.


Don’t just think about YouTube. There are several ways to leverage the use of video marketing, from posting with video (so-called native content) to starting a live stream on Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn.

Live Streaming is one of the most powerful tools when it comes to video marketing. And this is related to immediacy as a contemporary consumption trend. Which justifies, equally, the success of tools like Stories. It is, once again, the FOMO (fear of missing out). People want to know what is happening here and now. So, masterfully use this tool in favor of your brand and organization. Examples of content that works well in LIVE Video: product demonstrations, behind the scenes of the brand, the day-to-day in the office, the product manufacturing process or own events.


Short videos are gaining ground and, again, this relates to the immediacy of online buying behavior. Our attention is scarce and is tied to appealing, magnetic content that, in a nutshell, is capable of saying everything! Absolutely everything!

One final SEO tip. If your website includes video, it is 50 times more likely (50 times!) to generate organic search results. Because? Once people find video content more appealing, Google scores pages that include videos at the top of the search list. Now that you’ve read this article, what are you going to do to integrate video marketing into your digital strategies? At Brand By Difference we can help you.

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