Website creation, 3 tips to sell more with institutional websites

Optimize your website investment results with these 3 tips to sell more when creating institutional websites.

Strengthen your online presence, with a professional website, improve the user experience and support your business in a security tool for those looking for your products or services on the web.

How are the websites of most companies with B2B businesses created?

How, when creating websites, should they be optimized for sale?

These are some questions that we will answer you in this article.

With the majority of people using the ‘internet’, a careful and intelligent ‘online’ presence of your B2B business is as important to the business as your sales team and the referrals generated by your excellent service or product.

Currently, B2B buyers rely on digital channels. A professional website works as a decision factor for the buyer, if they manage to generate security through the communication implemented during the creation of the website.

Are companies with B2B businesses taking advantage of this opportunity?



Only a very small number of companies operating in the B2B market have studied the tactics for creating efficient websites.

B2B businesses’ efforts to identify, cultivate and serially seek opportunities are failing to support the way people, their customers, and potential customers search the search engines about what to buy and who to buy from. Losing sales opportunities daily.

First of all, the market requires parallel commercial mechanisms, where commercial strategies with people and digital media complement each othe in the purchase decision stages.

If you’ve been in the industry for a long or a short time, it doesn’t matter.

What matters is that your company has created a product or service that solves a problem.

If you don’t have a website, it’s time to create one. If you have one, you should assess whether it meets your goals.

What is the meaning of this?

It’s time to effectively communicate your business on the web and use tactics to attract new customers on your website!

How are B2B sites created in general?

Traditional B2B sites essentially answer three questions:

  • Who are we?
  • What we do?
  • Where are we?

In the process of creating the site, even if institutional, you can ensure that it complies with some good practices used for conversion, that is, that it allows users of your site to leave their contacts to be contacted later.

criação de sites, 3 dicas para vender mais

3 tips to sell more with institutional websites:

1. Forms

Contact forms allow, for example, immediate submission of quote requests or further clarification about your product and service.

2. CTAs – call to action:

Or calls to action, they are clear and objective buttons about the next step we want the user to take.

Some examples of CTAs are:

  • sign up;
  • download it (for example from a catalog or fact sheet);
  • know more;
  • fill out the form, among others.

3. Landing Pages:

Landing pages are a kind of forms, specifically created for a certain product, the purpose of these pages is to receive the user’s contact information, such as email, phone, company, etc., in exchange for some material that you created and that you know it’s important to your customer, for example:

  • Technical specifications, about product x or y;
  • Budget simulations;
  • Templates;
  • Explanatory ebooks about the benefits of your product, etc.

Want to sell more?

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