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Why is it that when creating a website for your company is it important to describe the ideal customer as what digital marketing calls buyer personas?

What is a buyer persona?

A buyer persona is your ideal customer, the one who contributes most positively to your business’s development. That’s why some authors define buyer personas as the heart of marketing and communication. Since they are the buyer personas that bring the most resources, that is, your main customers, they should be well studied, identified and described.

From the result of this study, a semi-fictitious, honest and real representation is carried out, in order to help the teams to understand exactly what the “pains” and the needs of their client are, helping them to communicate efficiently with him.

Knowing or not knowing your buyer persona is the difference between developing communication or marketing projects efficiently, or disastrous.

What does this mean?

It means that, if you know your buyer persona, you will deeply understand your customer’s needs, the level of relationship and levels of empathy will soar as the team’s guidance is more assertive in achieving your customer’s goals, whether they are:

  • improve a management process in your business;
  • create a new product;
  • know the market and help with internationalization;
  • support directors in presenting effective solutions, etc.

In addition to being more efficient with your customer, your team will improve the sales pitch and alignment with the company’s culture thanks to better and greater organization.

But for the creation of your business website, you must know your buyer Persona?


Will help:

Create impactful relationships

The website must create a relationship with your customer. When you have information about your customer, it’s easier to involve him in an experience optimized for both parties, for you and for him.

All website components, including design, messages, content, offers, call to action, will be optimized specifically for your customers and even according to a certain type of segment.

One of the companies that has done this very well is Hire Level. Notice how, simply put, they help two distinct personas in touch with the web through your website. Two personas are immediately identified who, depending on what they are looking for, are directed to the right place. Website ‘design’ takes a personalized approach to each of your buyer personas.

Hirelevel is a recruitment company that helps partners to recruit potential human capital and vice versa.

Keep focus

Having the buyer personas present helps us focus. It is often difficult to separate facts from opinions when it comes to website redesign. It is important that the website is geared towards pleasing its audience. Don’t take the risk of designing a website that meets your preferences and not those of your audience. Be especially careful with the content embedded in your website. The copy, the content of the message on your website, will be different if your buyer persona is a teenager or an executive.

Analyze your customers

With everything set up, and analytics tools built into your website, you can analyze your audience’s navigation. With this data, you will have tools and information to create greater empathy through the production of marketing pieces and content that create resonance, helping your customer to make decisions during the purchase process. A documented customer journey supports you in your customer orientation strategy, from the awareness stage to the purchase decision stage.

Nurtured leads increase, on average, up to 20% of sales leads than non-nourished leads.

Position yourself (ahead)

Websites designed with your personas in mind outperform generic websites mostly used by competitors. They will stand out for their structure and content that will no longer be generic to be targeted. Assess your website and your competition using your customer’s eyes and develop a critical analysis of your competitive positioning.

Achieve consistency across the organization

A small, medium or large business has many moving parts. Defining your buyer persona will ensure consistency. All departments should think about the same characteristics when a persona is mentioned. Defining the buyer persona is a universal tool that should be used by key people in your business. This consistency brings to its customers a universal and personalized relationship.

In short, developing buyer personas for your website creates (ROI) Return on Internet | Return on Investment is what you are looking for, right?

Hubspot claims that, on average, considering personas when creating your website can make your website up to 5 times more effective and intuitive.

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