What tactics should your website use to sell?

Being present in the digital world is essential to survive in a highly competitive market!

Gradually people start to realize the benefits of buying products on the internet: mainly due to the comfort and price of the products.

It is important to create a strategy to optimize the sales and purchase process so that the user experience is the best possible.

It is necessary to develop a digital marketing plan aimed at sales.

The marketing objectives are:

  • Develop efficient strategies that enhance the business capacity to attract new customers;
  • Consolidate existing ones.

Prepare a Digital Marketing Strategy

You need to plan Digital Marketing strategies based on the tools you will use to attract and segment your target audience. There are several options for creating interaction with the target audience.

The objective is to fully understand the environment and develop effective action plans with creativity and originality.

Landing Pages and Call to Action are fundamental to a Marketing strategy

Call to Action (CTA)

The call-to-action (CTA)  is an essential tool to promote a company’s offer, it serves to indicate the next step your company wants a visitor to take.

It is very important to know where to place CTA’s and define which formats work most effectively, such as for a blog or website, you can even direct them to a landing page.

Landing Pages

A landing page is a page designed to capture visitor data via a form.

The goal is, of course, to attract the right people. It is important to be persuasive, to the point of making them want to consume content from your company such as an ebook, newsletter to receive news or even promotions, and consequently, become customers.

With a landing page you can:

-Segment your contacts;

-Decrease your customer acquisition cost

-Define your target audience;

Invest in email marketing

Invest in email marketing create emotional harmony with its customers and potential customers.

The emails must be monthly or fortnightly, the objective being to use them to nourish potential customers with quality material, publicize events, offer exclusive discounts, follow up after sales, among other features.

In this article we have put some digital marketing strategies, but there are many more.

At Brand by Difference we work every day to optimize a company’s content, so if you need our help, you have a team at your disposal here.

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